Annotation of Love

In this modernized city, people are living in a hurry life, they don't have mood for stopping to look out for the scenery outside window, eat love in dog-tired moderate speed, experience a snow in wind, bear heavy cross, it seems extremely easy to obtain to swear an cath of enduring fidelity, but will collapse at the first blow after all, die with wind.

What is love, one relation, one permanent relation, have morning and evening touching, have perseverance that life and death let, it has to be difficult a difficult one bitter to long for, have feeling this can wait to recall with deep feeling palimnesis also meet each other, however, it is not blind definitely, unreal, obscure, two people no doubt in love will have strong feeling of attracting each other, in fact, this kind of feeling is a true thing, with the intensification that feels too, it is simple and unadorned that the love becomes one kind and melts in life, two people know each other, Xiang Shou, the rice and fuel daily necessaries play out and " hold the sub hands and live together to a ripe old age with the son " Tacit understanding,it is needn't which have as long as the heaven and earth endure for oath needn't have by romances of rose of 999 pieces, the love has already incorporated the blood, has blended each other.

The real love has no demarcation line, it is not influenced by money and right, the money can be bought sometimes the marriage, but the one that can not buy while falling in love at first sight is helpless and without resources, it is understanding that it has meeting of minds that can't buy the heart, the ones that can not feel deep anxiety about are yearned, helping each other when both are in humble circumstances in can't buy time brings great changes to the world.

Age is a question, no, age is not the disparity, age will become the protective screen easy, the primary condition in love is sincerity and trust of both sides, certainly it is the course of a choice too, just as I choose vicissitudes of you ripe, you choose youth of me hospitable, act as, connect with autumn spring, the youth just forms a fullness with combining ripely.

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A Barrel of Water.

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There is a proverb in the hometown: The heaven has witness all you've done. It means that doing things should be according to the conscience. I know, have one watch human world day really, but I think one's own back have one eye watch I really, this pair of eyes are my father's eyes. Though I leave several decades by the father, father the eyes have never leave me.

Father is relatively fond of me among numerous children. Until I sensible, he often can speak I something as a child to relatives in front of me, say my very very lively lover in the childhood. We house make watery wine sell for, come we people that house drink like, hold I play with at that time, banter me and smile, feed the wine to me to drink with the finger or chopsticks, drink so that I often blush the ear red and roaring drunk. Say I carry rice bowl walk master bunches of west house go, take dish take when having a meal often also, like piece little to call, take, the son, can both want, get a lot of good food each time. I know these that father say true, can feel from expression in one's eyes and smile that father speak the father love kindly certainly.

Father does not have a lot of culture, he does not say to us how many major principles very much at ordinary times, it can not be lazy diligently that the ones that were said most were wanted alone, could only say good-bye to the poverty and live a good life diligently. He sets an example and shows us like this too. Father is that one made children bitter and came from, my grandfather went to join the Red Army to die in fighting when father is seven years old, the grandmother has passed away early too, the only person's he has nothing but the bare walls in the house, is had in one's care by a relative, he grazes cattle, cuts firewood, farms allly and does, the skill of learning to farm all over, firmlying get the liking of everybody, the relative helps him to get married. After liberation, father has become the production backbone for producing team, all farm work are all done better than others, in three that year such as year old such as me, he lead household oneself set brick free, prepare against tile, build a wall, working from dawn to dusk has built up three new tile-roofed houses, the day finishing being had to depend on for a living, make the people in the village regard with special esteem, exclaim endlessly.

Perhaps it is it occupy he the causes of the houses since guests little, father the most exquisite" and " Conduction in society its way. He talk kind ability appurtenance to us often, could revitalize house while being harmonic. Being kind to everyone, he can live in harmony with all neighbours, he flush with anger with mother never at home, until production team never quarrel with people, it is too contradictory to make with the neighbour never in the village. Sometimes quarrel between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, between the wives of brother he mediates immediately. Just like this too, he has higher prestige in the production team. Only my family mix the family name, say that will be very difficult that have a foothold according to clan's idea in our production team, in fact just the opposite, father have a foothold in production team, serve as, produce several decades such as captain.

I grow up in father's sight. But to father in the childhood " diligently saying" Understand completely, I learnt from baby act from the high school, I can have crowded this single-plank bridge of college entrance examination luckily. Father is afraid I can not stand this heavy blow, by his " says diligently " To advise me: Not admitting to a university and having no relation, so long as people are diligent can live a good life all the same. By chance too, one chance I of chance reach town core elementary school go contemporary course Mr., true essence which I understood diligently at this moment. As the saying goes, If a teach feed one student a drop of water, he must have a barrel of water.

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